Privacy Policy


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For matters concerning our privacy policy, please use the following mail address instead:


The server this blog is hosted on, is located in Germany. We do not store any data outside of the EU.

All data collection and data processing is done in accordance with relevant regulations, particularly the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation – (EU) 2016/679).

Data Collection

We only collect data to provide the basic functionality of the website (e.g. comment function), for security reasons, as well as statistical analysis.

The type of collected data includes:

  • For statistical analysis:
    • Time and date when the website is accessed.
    • Which browser and operating system is used (user-agent)
    • The pseudonymized client IP address (GeoIP)
  • For security:
    • The client IP address
  • For comments
    • The given text, name, email and web address

Data Processing

We only process data for the basic functionality of the website (e.g. comment function), for security, and for statistical analysis.

We will never share data with third parties.

Data Retention

IP addresses in log files are stored pseudonymized, and are completely deleted after 6 months.

Data for statistical analysis (this also includes pseudonymized client IP addresses) is deleted after a year.

Functional data (e.g. comments) is deleted when it’s no longer needed (e.g. the blog post is deleted).


We only use cookies if necessary (login). Cookies might also be used to save preferences in the browser (e.g. the name used for creating a comment).

We do not use tracking cookies or similar.

Objection & Deletion

The collection of IP addresses for security reasons is necessary, you can not object.

Data collected for statistical analysis is pseudonymized, so we are generally not able to delete specific data sets.

User content (e.g. comments) can be deleted. Just reach out on the address above.


If you want to know what data we collected about you, why we collected it, or when it’s going to be deleted, reach out on the address above.